Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake $14 Whipped Cream / Chocolate sauce drizzle served with vanilla ice cream

Sweet Pretzels

Sweet Pretzels $14 Baked and delivered daily from Harvest Bakery / Powdered Sugar / Cinnamon Sugar / Maple Fluff Glaze

Freaky Float

Freaky Float $7 Freaky Dog Soda of Your Choice / Vanilla Ice Cream Adulting Can be Fun! Top it off with Bailey’s, Rumchatta, or Stoli Vanilla + $5

Warm Brownie Sundae

Warm Brownie Sundae $12 Fresh Brownie made by Cutie Pies Bakery / Ice Cream / Chocolate Drizzle / Whipped Cream

Fried Dough Sticks

Fried Dough Sticks $13 Cinnamon Sugar / Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream / Fresh Whipped Cream